Why We Fight

The US Food and Drug Administration currently bans any man who has had sex with another man at any point since 1977 from donating blood.  This ban does not consider the results of HIV tests, whether protection was used, the number of partners the men had, or any other factors of risky sex.  If you are a man who has engaged in sexual acts with another man, even once, you cannot donate blood.

On both a scientific level and a moral level, this is wrong.  With today’s HIV tests, it is unnecessary to instate a lifetime ban on the homosexual community.  All blood is tested extensively, and there is an infinitesimally small chance that HIV+ blood will be given to a patient.  This policy stigmatizes gay men as diseased and sexually irresponsible, and it reinforces the stereotype that all gay men have HIV/AIDS.  Ending the blood ban would not increase the risk of the spread of HIV through blood transfusions.  However, it would end today’s critical blood shortages.

Why do we fight?  Simply because it is the right thing to do.

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