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The United States has a lifetime ban on blood donations from a man who has ever had sex with another man.  But what policies do other countries have?  Here are the policies that some other countries have adopted:

(Note: this list is not all-inclusive.  It is current as of July 3, 2012.)

France has announced that it will repeal it’s lifetime ban in the coming months.

Northern Ireland is currently pursuing litigation about the constitutionality of it’s lifetime ban.

Spain’s and Italy’s intake questionnaires prior to giving blood target unsafe behavior, rather than specifically male to male sexual contact.  This means that they can defer people who engage in unsafe sexual behavior, regardless of sexual orientation, and do not specifically target the LGBT community.

South Africa has adopted a six month deferral period after a man has had sex with a man.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, England, Hungary, Japan, and Sweden have all abandoned their lifetime blood bans in favor of one year deferral periods.

New Zealand has employed a five year deferral policy.

No country that repealed a MSM blood ban has reported an increased rate of recipient HIV infection due to policy changes.


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